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My Favorite Watches

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to re-start my blogging process, because I felt like my blog wasn’t focused on anything in particular and I couldn’t find a way to redirect it to what I wanted. So, here’s to new beginnings!


I realized that what I want to focus on most are the things that are important to me… my favorite brands, looks, activites, and all the rest. And as a girl who’s trying to live on a college budget, it’s important to me that I can use this blog to share my favorite finds with all of you!

Today, I want to talk about watches.

I think having at least one nice watch is really important. After getting through my freshman year of college, I realized that there were quite a few times where I needed to throw together a nicer looking outfit somewhat last minute. Class presentations, interviews for clubs and internship opportunities, and business casual networking events sort of hit me by surprise. I knew going in that I would probably have to look nice once in awhile, but I had no idea how often I would feel like I was missing the items I really needed.

Having to throw together outfits like that made me realize that accessorizing is a great way to dress up an otherwise casual look. And the accessory that makes you look professional almost instantly: a great watch.

I’ve had the same Marc Jacobs watch for a few years now. It’s black and gold, so it stands out if I want it to but can also be a subtle way to dress up my outfits.


Today, I’m just wearing it with light wash jeans and a flowy tank. The airiness of the outfit plus the structured watch makes me feel more put together.

I found a few at Nordstrom that are pretty similar to mine.


I love this watch, but I’ve noticed that I wear a lot more navy now than I used to, and I don’t always like the way black and navy look together. Starting my new job at Gap, I quickly saw how useful it would be to own a watch in a different color so that I would always have one to match my outfits when I’m working on the sales floor.

So, I went to Kohl’s with my mom last week to pick something out. I would love a Kate Spade watch, but I don’t have the money for one at the moment since I’m trying to save up for the new MacBook (the gold is so pretty!)

I ended up deciding on this brown and gold Relic watch. It was on sale for around $40, which is great for what I needed. You can currently take an extra 15% off any Kohl’s purchase with the code BIGSAVER.


Here’s a few more really pretty watches at Kohl’s. These ones are all currently on sale for under $20, which is great if you want something trendy rather than investing a ton in a watch you won’t wear in a year. And don’t forget to use the code BIGSAVER for the extra 15% off. You’ll be getting a watch for almost nothing with the stacked sales!

Watches Under $20

Grey Crystal Watch / Black and Gold Watch / Floral Watch / Medallion Watch / White Crystal Watch / Anchor Watch


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